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How We Buy Houses:

1 - You receive a fair offer over the phone in minutes. Because of our experience, we are able to quickly do a market analysis and get you an offer. If you accept the offer range, then we’ll schedule a time to visit your home.

2 - Review details at your home. Once we’re at your property, we review your house, verifying all the information we spoke about on the phone. There is no need to clean or repair anything. We answer all of your questions and confirm every detail. At that time, you receive a written offer and outline everything we’ll do to complete the purchase of your home.

3 - You choose your Close date and we buy your house. That’s it! We’ll work with your schedule and take care of all the details for you. You just simply show up, sign the paperwork, and you’ll receive your cash within 24 hours.

Yes, We Want to Buy Your House, for Cash!

We have bought hundreds of properties from homeowners just like you, right here in Las Vegas.

We are not a referral network; we are local Las Vegas-based real estate investors who have created the most effective way to help homeowners sell their houses quickly, at a fair price, for cash.

Selling your house can be expensive and complicated. Real estate agents will charge you tens of thousands of dollars for listing your house, and that comes out of your profits - but you'll never pay us a cent in fees. We take the stress out of selling your property.

Our everyday knowledge of the market in Las Vegas equips us to understand the needs of our neighbors (like you). Our clients appreciate that we can eliminate the paperwork, time, red tape, commissions and headaches required to sell a home through a real estate agent or other traditional methods.

We are highly committed to honest dealings and satisfied customers. 

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Buying Homes Since 2003 - Over 2500 Purchased

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